Works on architecture and infrastructure of Ex-team leader of a product team, where he reduced lead time from 38 to 28 days. Tech speaker and writer, HolyJs program committee member
Lead frontend developer
Jan 2019 — Sep 2020
  • Launched and set real-time user performance monitoring, errors tracking
  • Optimized SSR. Improved 95th percentile of response answer time from 100 to 60ms. Debugged and got rid of memory leaks
  • UIToolKit maintainer. It's a system with more than 100 components
  • Organized migration from legacy stack to React. Migrated more than 30 pages
  • Set up the architectural team planning process
  • Created unit tests infrastructure. Code coverage reached 56%
  • Lecturer and mentor in HH developers school. Had been the best lecturer for 4 years in a row according to students surveys
HeadHunter (Talantix)
Senior developer, team leader
Jan 2016 — Jan 2019
  • Created a project from scratch. 3 modules: assessment, HR's CRM and admin panel
  • Enhanced 85th percentile of team lead time from 38 to 28 days
  • Created analytics graphics, ATS (vacancy workflow, candidates discussions, etc.), calendar for HRs (looks like OutLook)
  • Two persons from the team became team leaders
Intern -> Senior frontend developer
Oct 2013 — Jan 2016
  • Created new vacancy search on a map and a mobile cv builder
  • Made deployment and shipping pipelines for UIToolKit. Reduced the complexity of adding new components to the lib. Became a maintainer of this lib. The number of components in UIToolkit was increased from 3 to 100
2013: Smart Solution, SPB-Veresk, MESI
Graduated MESI university (part of Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics in 2015)
Tech writer
Speaker: Tech meetups and conferences:
Tech writer: Writes articles in Russian and English:
OpenSource: Contributes and maintains open source projects:
HolyJs: Program committee member
Key Skills
Bundlers and tests
JS, TypeScript, React, Redux, Svelte, Babel, vanilla, Node.js, Koa, Express
Bundlers and tests: Webpack, Webpack plugins, Rollup, gulp, Jest, Enzyme, Mocha
CSS, Less, CSS modules, CSS-in-JS
Etc: Git, Sketch, Figma, Scrum, Agile, Kanban