— offline-first notes application en
Working with DOM in JS frameworks at HolyJs rus
Front-end frameworks hitchhiker at RIT++ rus
<Icon /> at Alfa js Meetup rus
svelte-input-mask eng
Website is slow. What can you do? at GetITConf rus
Dependency injection in React at DevConf rus / eng
Your client-side Hit Points at FrontendConf #RITfest2019 and at  GetITCommunity Meetup rus
useDebouncedCallback eng
HeadHunter Developers School rus
Frontend optimizations rus
Analyzing of React tasks from HeadHunter stand on HolyJs rus
useDebounce react hook eng
react-providers eng
Middlewares are awesome at FrontendConf (РИТ++) rus
Signal-middleware — redux signal middleware. A place to store your business logic and async code eng
PureComponent & Components rus
How to animate linear-gradient rus
masked-input — set of tools to work with input eng
subscribe-event — the easiest way to subscribe and unsubscribe to browser / node events :-) eng
RProgress — React ajax loader progress bar with clear API eng
ready — Promises/A+, ES6 Promises polyfill eng
BEM for babies — step-by-step guide to BEM methodology rus