Nikita Mostovoy

Lead Frontend Developer
Analyzing of React tasks from HeadHunter stand on HolyJsrus
useDebounce react hookeng
HeadHunter Developers School — is a big project where we work with over 20 students each year. We provide more than 3 months of lectures and then our students work in teams with different projects for 3 months. I took part in more than 4 schools as a lecturer and in 2 schools as a mentor. In the 2018-2019 education year, we recorded our lectures:rus
  • Base JavaScript p.1: primitive and object types, duck typing, arrays, function declaration and function expression, closures, lexical scoping
  • Base JavaScript p.2: event loop, promises, XMLHttpRequest and ajax, local storages, modules.
  • DOM API: Critical render path in browsers, HTMLElement, NodeList, Elements hierarchy etc.
react-providers — the React Component, which allows you to combine contexts and incapsulate to components using HOC, is built on a top of Context APIeng
“Middlewares are awesome” at FrontendConf (РИТ++)rus
Signal-middleware — redux signal middleware. A place to store your business logic and async codeeng
“PureComponent & Components” — small article for new developers to describe differences between PureComponent and Componentrus
masked-input — set of tools to work with inputeng
“How we use stubs for async queries on the client side” — we use stubs that work on the client side in Talantix. So here I describe how it works.rus
“Stubs in the client side” — we in Talantix use stubs for async queries in the client side directly. In this speaking, I make an explanation of how we made such solution.rus
Developing React project from a scratch — some experience of developing a project Talantix, that includes several independent modulesrus
subscribe-event — the easiest way to subscribe and unsubscribe to browser / node events :-)eng
RProgress — React ajax loader progress bar with clear APIeng
“How to create native styled select controls” — designers wants to create a select which should look as a button, icon etc. But native select does\'t allow you to do it. So let's have a look to how we can solve this problem.eng / rus
ready — Promises/A+, ES6 Promises polyfilleng
BEM for babies — working with BEM step-by-step with a deep explanation.rus
Text selection in textarea — how to emphasize text without using contenteditable attribute.rus