Nikita Mostovoy

Lead Frontend Developer
“Dealing with callbacks as props in React” — React is a great library. It simplifies our work. We don't write all mutations ourselves, we describe result in render functions. Sometimes we have to render huge lists or optimize our code. In those case, we usually use PureComponent and memo. But, if we don't use callbacks correctly we can lose all profit from PureComponent. So, how to deal with callbacks and event listeners in React?eng / rus
useDebouncedCallback React hook, the part of use-debounce library, but implements the most convenient kind of debouncingeng
Analyzing of React tasks from HeadHunter stand on HolyJsrus
useDebounce react hookeng
HeadHunter Developers School — is a big project where we work with over 20 students each year. We provide more than 3 months of lectures and then our students work in teams with different projects for 3 months. I took part in more than 4 schools as a lecturer and in 2 schools as a mentor. In the 2018-2019 education year, we recorded our lectures:rus
  • Base JavaScript p.1: primitive and object types, duck typing, arrays, function declaration and function expression, closures, lexical scoping
  • Base JavaScript p.2: event loop, promises, XMLHttpRequest and ajax, local storages, modules.
  • DOM API: Critical render path in browsers, HTMLElement, NodeList, Elements hierarchy etc.
react-providers — the React Component, which allows you to combine contexts and incapsulate to components using HOC, is built on a top of Context APIeng
“Middlewares are awesome” at FrontendConf (РИТ++)rus
Signal-middleware — redux signal middleware. A place to store your business logic and async codeeng
“PureComponent & Components” — small article for new developers to describe differences between PureComponent and Componentrus
masked-input — set of tools to work with inputeng
“How we use stubs for async queries on the client side” — we use stubs that work on the client side in Talantix. So here I describe how it works.rus
“Stubs in the client side” — we in Talantix use stubs for async queries in the client side directly. In this speaking, I make an explanation of how we made such solution.rus
Developing React project from a scratch — some experience of developing a project Talantix, that includes several independent modulesrus
subscribe-event — the easiest way to subscribe and unsubscribe to browser / node events :-)eng
RProgress — React ajax loader progress bar with clear APIeng
“How to create native styled select controls” — designers wants to create a select which should look as a button, icon etc. But native select does\'t allow you to do it. So let's have a look to how we can solve this problem.eng / rus
ready — Promises/A+, ES6 Promises polyfilleng
BEM for babies — working with BEM step-by-step with a deep explanation.rus
Text selection in textarea — how to emphasize text without using contenteditable attribute.rus